A Humanitarian Award

Humanitarian – “Concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare”

When I was notified that I had been nominated for an award, I felt embarassed. When I was notified that I had been chosen for the award, I was pleased. Last week when I received the award, I felt grateful and proud.

Dr. Quinton de’Alexander, who has spent years in Chicago helping others (and has won many awards himself) does something very different. Not only does he donate his time and money to many causes in our area, but he singlehandedly produces and funds a very special evening. He awards his fellow Humanitarians at an inspiring “We Dream In Color Gala Event”. Formal attire, champagne, wonderful entertainment and most importantly…a room filled with enlightening people. People who have lived through hardships and have taken their pain and turned it into some thing good that will benefit others. He inspires others to keep on going with their individual missions.

After three years of working with my head down and blinders on to create Patrick Lives On….it was exceptionally nice to take an evening to sit back and observe. Observe how people described me and our wonderful organization. Observe how all react to its mission. See myself and Patrick Lives On through the eyes of others.

It is time for that. It is time to breathe and know that the hard work will continue but that our efforts are being noticed and rewards are great. They are not just in my gorgeous trophy, but most importantly, in the happy faces of the kids we help.

The loss of Patrick makes me cry real tears every single day. But knowing that he lives on in every single person we help is life giving!!! The tears stop my breathe but the mission fills my lungs and heart with the cleanest air I have ever felt!!

Thank you Dr. Quinton de’Alexander for reminding me of that. Thank you for helping me help others.