New Year. New Energy. New Hope

A freezing day with temps dipping near zero. Perfect “January in Chicago” weather. A day to sit inside and be thankful that I have a warm home, good food and loving family and friends. A day to be filled with gratitude and joy. A day to stay in the moment and enjoy this moment. Live…

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Today is My Birthday

Four years ago, on this night, my son sang Happy Birthday to me. He then went upstairs for awhile. Soon after, I heard his feet bound down our wooden stairs, run a few steps and then slide into the dining room…. knocking into the metal dog gate in a door frame. He stood there and…

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Patricia liked to work in her garden. It made her feel whole and calm and connected. One day she was walking in her yard, with a large shovel in her hand. She heard …..not really heard, more of a FEEL of a voice. It was her son’s. He had died suddenly and tragically three years…

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Loving Arms

Loving arms hold and caress and warm and embrace and inspire and elevate. Loving arms appear when you need them, when you long for them, when you hope for them, when you pray for them. and when you don’t expect them. Loving arms are shared by mothers, fathers, spouses, siblings, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, in…

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1,305. That is how many days have passed since we last saw Patrick. 1,879,200 minutes. Approximately. Not a single minute goes by that he is not on my mind. While I eat and sleep and work and play and read and create, he is ever present. His life was short. But, because he was a…

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