The Patrick Lives On Film Collective and Public Service Announcements were produced to inspire, educate, and enable change. They may be used as a starting point to unlock the viewer’s courage …. enabling them to move through grief or remove themselves from domestic violence and gangs. Settings suited for screening our films include schools, counseling centers, detention centers, and youth clubs.

All proceeds contribute to ongoing high-quality content programming that benefits the Patrick Lives On mission to encourage our youth to

“Be Strong. Use Your Words. Not Violence.”

Join us to help create social change. 

LIGHT. A women’s search for emotional peace that leads her on an unexpected journey through grief.

THE FOLLOWER.   A  women’s journey through domestic violence teaches her that no one should live in fear.

UNKNOWING.  A gang’s manipulation of a young boy’s mind and exposure to gang violence turns his world upside down.

Public Service Announcements